Damon and Elsbeth

My story continues, please don’t steal it.

Damon hated Elsbeth on sight. She was fresh out of the academy, a skinny little short thing, looking like a strong wind would take her out. It was no surprise they were assigned to work together. He grumbled to his buddies about having to ‘babysit’ the ‘little girl rookie’.

“Why couldn’t I have gotten that tall leggy blonde? Then at least I would have had something to look at.”

After their shift ended, Elsbeth went home to the apartment she shared with Gerri. Damon went to the bar to hang out with his fellow officers and report.

“She cold as ice, never smiles. I think maybe she said 5 words to me today. And she’s obsessively neat. She cleaned the squad car, my shotgun, it’s spotless. When I said something, she said, ‘It was dirty.'”

Three weeks later a dirtbag got the jump on Damon in an alley, Elsbeth appeared with her shotgun, planted her feet and leveled the shotgun at his chest. The dirtbag took one look at her face and decided to put his gun down. After Damon cuffed him, he noticed that Elsbeth was actually pouting.

“Oh cheer up little girl, you’ll get a chance to shoot somebody.” That evening he showed up at her apartment with a bottle of bourbon and an 8-week old female pug. He had tied a purple ribbon around the pup’s neck. It was the start of a friendship.

Elsbeth named the pug Lavender, they shared the bottle of bourbon. Time passed and Damon was promoted to Detective and assigned to Homicide. Elsbeth became a sharpshooter in the Special Weapons and Tactical Response Unit. She still cleaned Damon’s weapons and most evenings were spent with his files spread out on her bed. He reviewed witness statements and crime scene photos while she hung out on the fire escape smoking cigarettes and shooting the stray cats with paint balls.

Tonight was different though, they had been to the funeral of a fellow officer. Detective Sargent Drakko had been murdered at his home. After the funeral Damon stopped to pick up a file before driving Elsbeth home. He set the file down in her kitchen while he poured both of them a drink.

Elsbeth opened the file, she started to organize it, she was obsessively neat.

“Is this Drakko’s case?”

“No it was a case he was working on when he got murdered. But he was killed the same way as this guy, we think the same person committed both crimes.”

“Holy shit.” Elsbeth’s voice sounded strange.

Damon turned to look at her, “You know something I don’t, I would appreciate you telling me.”

“The other night Gerri was staring at a crime scene photo, this crime scene. A photo that I don’t see here.”

At that moment Gerri walked in, Elsbeth quickly closed the file and slid it under the newspaper. She turned her face away from Gerri. “Hello Damon, fancy meeting you here.” Gerri really didn’t like Damon, and tonight of all nights she didn’t want him around.

“Hey Gerri, sorry about Bob. Who’s working on his case?”

“Don’t know, I gotta take a shower.”

As soon as she was out of the room Elsbeth grabbed the file and Damon by the elbow, she dragged him to the door.

“You have to leave, NOW.”

“You should come with me, it’s not safe here with her.”

“I’ll be fine, you’re the one whose in danger. Watch your back, be very careful.” Elsbeth shoved Damon out the door. She slid to the floor her back against the door. She thought back over the time she had known Gerri and realized that as bad as things had been before, they were about to get much worse. She was still sitting on the floor when Gerri came out of the shower.

“Gerri, we have to talk.”

“It’s Laci, she’s back.”

“No Gerri, it’s not Laci, tell me what you did.”

“I didn’t do anything, I told you Laci is back. I didn’t want to tell you before because I knew you would be mad she was here. After all we agreed that if I lived here Laci had to stay away, but she’s my sister.”

“Gerri, stop it, tell me the truth”

“I am, it’s Laci, I didn’t do anything.”

“It can’t be Laci, Gerri.” Elsbeth took a deep breath and faced Gerri, “Laci is dead, you know she’s dead, now tell me what you did.”

Chapter 1: Gerri and Laci

This is fiction, please do not steal it

Bob was a smart guy, always at the top of his class. He was now a detective, working in homicide with the best solve rate the department. He looked across the room at Gerri. Gerri’s rate was 2nd best, only because she got the toughest cases. Bob was smart, Gerri was brilliant. They were the only detectives working without a regular partner. Bob because his partner had just retired, Gerri because she was the only female and none of the male detectives could be in a car with her and not look at her legs and comment on them. That usually led to Gerri punching them in the face. Gerri was fidgeting at her desk, she kept glancing at the Lieutenant’s office, the Captain and he were having a long conference. Gerri wanted to be a fly on the wall in that office. She always had to know everything.

Crime scene photos were on Bob’s desk, a man named Lee Wheel had been murdered after the superbowl. Talk about injury and insult. The guy was a Steelers fan. First his team loses, then he gets attacked. The pictures seem to indicate robbery gone bad, but something doesn’t seem right. Bob gathered the pictures up and headed to Gerri’s desk.

Gerri looked up at him, “What’s up Boss?” Gerri had long dark lashes and delicate features. Perfectly applied make-up, manicured nails, heels and miniskirt was her usual look. A perp once laughed at her when she badged him. After she cuffed him and threw him in the back of a squad car, he stopped laughing.

“Take a look at this crime scene for me? Tell me what you think.” It wasn’t unusual for Bob and Gerri to confer with each other about their cases. Bob handed her the case file and Gerri scanned the photos quickly, “Looks like a pro job to me.” Bob noticed that Gerri paused at one photo, “Got the autopsy report?”

“Not yet,” Bob replied, watching Gerri study the photograph, it was of the bedroom window. It seemed to fascinate her. “A killer for hire? Are you sure? Someone you know?” Gerri jerked and looked at Bob, her mouth gaped, flustered she shoved the picture under the stack.

“No! Of course not! The Captain’s leaving, I gotta talk to Lou.” Gerri handed the file back to Bob and headed to the Lieutenant’s office. It was only later he realized that Gerri had kept the photo.


Gerri sat in her apartment with the picture on the table in front of her. Part of her wanted to destroy the picture, another part of her wouldn’t let her tamper with evidence. Besides, it was a digital image, the department could always print more.

She had dialed her sister’s phone number a dozen times since she had got home with no answer. She had left a dozen voice mails. All asking Laci to call. Growing more frantic with each message.

She knows what had happened, she knows who, what she doesn’t know is why, why had her sister killed Lee Wheel? As far as she knew Laci didn’t know about Lee. What had happened?

by: Creepy principessa Assassin

Story for Lee: Introduction

I wrote this for my friend Lee, he is a Steelers fan and was driving me crazy. This was my way of getting back at him. Then he liked it, so I had to continue the story. Unfortunately, the Steelers lost and now I have to rewrite this part.

She dresses very carefully to go out. Black tights underneath black leggings, black silk long sleeved underwear top covered with a cotton ribbed black sweater. Leather gloves and rubber soled shoes, also black. She straps on her utility belt, expandable baton, flexicuffs (duct tape was too bulky), taser and gravity knife, all in perfect condition.

She pulls out her phone and looks again at the address of her target, the man who rejected her and broke her heart. She’s never taken rejection well, tonight she gets her revenge.

The sweat jacket she has chosen is large enough to cover her utility belt but not too big, the hood covers her shining blond hair and hides her face from the casual observer. She has chosen her gear well. She zips it up and climbs out the window, mainly to avoid her nosy downstairs neighbor and so she can claim later, she was home all night as no one saw her leave.

Landing softly on the grass she slips away, her rubber soled shoes making no sound on the sidewalk as she runs toward his address. She has also chosen her night well. The superbowl was today, the Steelers won, he’ll be celebrating. She smiles, he’ll never know what hit him.

“I’m coming for you Lee.” she whispers.

by: Creepy principessa Assassin


What do you do
when you are consumed by jealousy
so consumed
you can’t be happy for others
not even your best friend

Others fortune make you angry
makes you cry
makes you wish
you could die

When you are consumed by jealousy
and call yourself names

but you don’t feel any better,
deep inside
where it hurts
when you see how others are loved

and no one loves you.