Story for Lee: Introduction

I wrote this for my friend Lee, he is a Steelers fan and was driving me crazy. This was my way of getting back at him. Then he liked it, so I had to continue the story. Unfortunately, the Steelers lost and now I have to rewrite this part.

She dresses very carefully to go out. Black tights underneath black leggings, black silk long sleeved underwear top covered with a cotton ribbed black sweater. Leather gloves and rubber soled shoes, also black. She straps on her utility belt, expandable baton, flexicuffs (duct tape was too bulky), taser and gravity knife, all in perfect condition.

She pulls out her phone and looks again at the address of her target, the man who rejected her and broke her heart. She’s never taken rejection well, tonight she gets her revenge.

The sweat jacket she has chosen is large enough to cover her utility belt but not too big, the hood covers her shining blond hair and hides her face from the casual observer. She has chosen her gear well. She zips it up and climbs out the window, mainly to avoid her nosy downstairs neighbor and so she can claim later, she was home all night as no one saw her leave.

Landing softly on the grass she slips away, her rubber soled shoes making no sound on the sidewalk as she runs toward his address. She has also chosen her night well. The superbowl was today, the Steelers won, he’ll be celebrating. She smiles, he’ll never know what hit him.

“I’m coming for you Lee.” she whispers.

by: Creepy principessa Assassin