Chapter 7

Perrcia ran all the way to the corral, as she feared, Tresna was gone, checking the stables she noticed all the riding equipment was still there. She sniffed around the corral and caught Laey•ti’s scent. She growled and flexed her fingers, her nails shot out.

“Steal from me will you?” Perrcia listened for Emergon, what could be keeping him? While she waited she climbed the outside wall to her room to change. No sense disturbing Pappi and Masi she reasoned. When she returned Emergon and Finister were there.

“You needed me to track someone, here I am.” His mood was surly, having been deprived of his evening fun. “Show me the prints.”

Perrcia showed Finister the small boot prints leading away from the corral, they were replaced by Tresna’s prints after a few feet, Finister tracked them. He was the best tracker Perrcia knew, apart from her Pappir. Under the circumstances she didn’t want to involve him. As they followed Finister, Perrcia’s talk tab buzzed again, this time it was Laey•ti, Perrcia answered it, Laey•ti was terrified and whispering and Perrcia couldn’t understand a single word.

“Laey•ti! Calm down and talk to me.” Perrcia could hear Laey•ti gasping for breath. Before she could say anything Emergon called out, “Tresna! Here girl, come here girl.” Perrcia looked up in time to see Tresna shy away from Emergon, he went after her and she kicked him. Perrcia smelled blood on Tresna, Ronen blood.

Laey•ti started speaking again, “He’s here, he’s here. Oh Perrcia come quick it’s horrible.” The talk tab made a noise and went silent.

By this time Finister had caught Tresna and was soothing her, Perrcia glanced at Emergon, he wasn’t hurt and she went to her Pailkit. Finister looked up from examining her.

“Laey•ti’s smell is on her, the blood is Ronen but not Laey•ti’s, but it is familiar, I know this scent.” Finister stopped talking as Emergon approached.

“I’ll take her back to the corral, then come back to meet you, let me know where.” Emergon led a now calm Tresna away. Finister and Perrcia continued following the tracks with a renewed sense of urgency. Perrcia could only think of one person that would get that response from Laey•ti, but he was in prison on an island far away. Wasn’t he?

Finister stopped, “Hear that? Someone is crying. It sounds like Laey•ti.” The two quickened their pace, soon they came upon Laey•ti, it was horrible like she had said. Laey•ti was sittng on the ground, she was holding a Ronen female covered in blood. Perrcia ran forward with a cry.