What do you do
when you are consumed by jealousy
so consumed
you can’t be happy for others
not even your best friend

Others fortune make you angry
makes you cry
makes you wish
you could die

When you are consumed by jealousy
and call yourself names

but you don’t feel any better,
deep inside
where it hurts
when you see how others are loved

and no one loves you.

I want to know

I want to know, where you go
When life is too much
And trouble is too close to touch
I want know, where you go
When rain is everywhere
And all around you is despair
I want to know, where you go
When your head fills with screams
And the night has dark dreams

I want to know, this place that you go
Is it a house, with warm cozy rooms
When lightning flashes and thunder booms

Or is it a forest awash in sunlight
Birds all around sing songs of delight

I want you to know; wherever you go
I hope you are safe
But more than that,

I hope you come back.


Where are you going Dragonfly?
I heard a buzz as you flew by
You flew so fast away from me
There was someplace you had to be
The flight plan was a straight line
I hope that you made it on time
Translucent wings shone in the sun,
In your shadow they looked like one.
In a flash you were gone
My lunchtime reverie was done.
Then a butterfly floated by
The orange on his wing caught my eye
He flits from here to there
As he drifts away into the air.

21 September 2007


I have fallen into a deep pit of dark despair

I have fallen and there is no way out.
It is too deep, I cannot see light.
I have fallen into a pit
I try to climb out, but the walls are crumbling down
Falling down on me, burying me

So I stand here in this pit of deepest, darkest despair,
And do not move
For I am afraid of the dark and
I am afraid of the walls crumbling down
And I have lost all hope of rescue.

16 July 2001


It is not true what children say,
‘Words will never hurt me’,
Just as a stone can break a bone,
Sharp words can break a heart
A broken heart cannot be seen,
But it surely can be felt
And how to mend it? For a start,
You cannot splint a heart.


Friendship is a funny thing, you work with people, they call you friend
Yet never call after five.

Friendships with schoolmates are much the same
After graduation what was her name?

Some friendships last a lifetime, others last a year or less,
no tears are shed, no close ties were made

There are good times, bad times and sad times

A true friend is always there Loving you better than your brother

You laugh together, cry together and through it all hope you will die together

Because one without the other would not be complete

But sadder than that is when two friends drift apart, the friendship dies
And neither one looks back.


The Feel of Colors

Blue shivers, red burns, yellow laughs, white hums, black flies

Trickling water, melted snow, sunshine on a mountain, Blue

Running in sand, day at the beach, skin on my shoulders, Red

Painting a picture, summer vacation, sun in the sky, Yellow

Hanging out clothes, gentle breezes, sheets from a bed, White

Hiking in woods, babbling brooks, a raven’s feather, Black


A Voice Calls in the Darkness

I hear a voice that calls my name, to which I answer,
“Who calls? Who asks for me?”
There is no reply, the voice just calls, it does not answer
“Save me! Save me! I am dying.”
I turn, the darkness greets me, wraps me in its icy embrace.
Shadows dance and beckon to me
I reach out with my hands to help, grasping futilely at empty space I fall;
The floor grabs me, holds me, I cannot rise.

My eyes open, there is my pillow,
my bedroom so familiar.
The dream fades away into the darkness of the night.
Although my dreams torment me,
I seek to sleep again and dream once more.
For in this life, dreams are the only way the dead can call to us.



A child born on the fifth day, Friday
said to be loving and giving
not causing undue pain,
for she knows very well
the pain
of intimate betrayal.

Found this here on Element 22

What day of the week were you born on?
The old nursery rhyme is kinda fun, unless you
were born on Wednesday…

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