Palace servants

Every palace needs people to run it and make sure everything goes smoothly and the King and Queen look good.

The queen has her own maid: Viol•is (Ronen
There are ladies maids: Nonci, her two daughters Danka and Dinya (Leonite)
A senior upstairs maid: Temb•ee (Ronen)
A junior upstairs maid: kali•vn (Ronen)
A senior downstairs maid: Lela•sh (Ronen)
A junior downstairs maid: Vasi•ln (Ronen)
Maid of all work: Miroah (Leonite)
King’s Valet: Kordin (Ronen)
Valet’s assistant: Trocey
Kitchen help: Blancis, Hiven
There is a barn keeper, Wollem and his four stable boys: Hent, Rachshul, Shültie, Lahvid

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