Royal Family

Royal family is Ronen
King and Queen
oldest daugher: Jhsu•kn (exiled – reason unknown)
2nd daughter and royal heir: Lain•ya
Young prince: Julvie

The current family has a mother and father, they have 2 daughters and 1 son, the oldest daughter has been exiled for an unknown reason making the second oldest daughter the heir. Children born into the royal family have the crest tattooed on their bodies. Girls behind the right ear on the neck, boys on the right bicep. When a family member is exiled, the tattoo is outlined in red. The oldest also has the inside of their ear pierced and a ring with a purple gemstone is inserted.

The Royal family uses decoys, an orphan child of the same size as the heir, surgically altered to be an exact duplicate. The decoy is treated as a member of the royal family. The practice was started when kidnapping of the royal heirs was prevalent. On the tattoo on the decoy, the date they became a member of the royal family is tattooed in invisible ink.

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