Keer•la Kastor

What we read about Keer•la in Chapter 1: When she was 14 years old Vendall had bought Keer•la, then he married her, illegally. … Some were of the opinion that he had not purchased Keer•la legally, that he had stolen her from her family. Is not completely true. Keer•la was born on Përkorë, when she was 10 years old, her parents died and to survive she joined a gang of street kids. They taught her to pick pockets. She was very good at it, so good that she caught the attention of Vendall. At 14 she joined his gang and began posing as his wife. However, she still picked pockets and when he would catch her with money he hadn’t given her he would beat her. She began to believe that he would kill her, so she contacted the authorities with proof of his criminal activities.

To avoid going to prison for her crimes, she agreed to become Laey•ti, since she was the correct height and size. She also believed this would prevent Vendall from ever finding her should he escape from prison.

16 years old. Original appearance: Blue eyes, curly blond hair down to waist. Scars on back from being beaten.

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