Glossary of terms

Mulderon: planet

Përmtur: one of the main land masses of the planet Mulderon

Dirdam: Capital city of Përmtur

Përkorë: Island off the mainland

Avilo: capital city of Përkorë

Ronen: humanoid species indigenous to Mulderon

Leonite: species indigenous to Mulderon, partially human and partially cat-like. They are covered in yellow fur, have retractable claws on fingers that are longer then paws, but shorter than human fingers. Walk like humans but have cat-like agility, are smaller in size then Ronen but much stronger, can run faster and jump higher, have pointed ears on top of their heads that they can turn like a cat with very sensitive hearing. Eyesight is like a cat’s and sense of smell is also very sensitive. Faces are not as round as a cat, they have whiskers like cats. They also have tails.

Royal Eskardian: Members of royal armed forces that engage in offworld activites for the rulers of Mulderon.

Royal Trapron: charged with protecting the royalty. In addition each member of the royal family has a personal bodyguard. The Royal Trapron reports to the Captain of the Trapron, who in turn reports to the King’s (or Queen if there is no King) bodyguard.

Frenjes: Local police

Potlie: A women or girl who has sex for money. Potlies are also a nocturnal bird on Mulderon. Potlies are not looked down on, but it is illegal for a grown man to have sex with a female under 17, since Keer•la was 14 Vendall forcing her to become a Potlie was 2 criminal acts. However, Keer•la didn’t tell anyone about this when she turned Vendall in.

Pappir: (Pappi) father

Massair: (Masi) mother

Vingarts and Potfins: winged creatures used for transporting Ronen. A vingart is large and able to carry an average size adult, a potfin is smaller.

Tarnick: like a very large horse, even so they are extremely fast and almost silent when moving.

Pailkits: smaller and usually used as a beast of burden (think donkey). Also used by children and small adults. They are able to keep up with a tarnick, people who see them moving at full speed say they appear to be moving without their hooves touching the ground. Their large ears give them extremely enhanced hearing. Both animals are docile, loyal and able to be trained.

Scat: Mild swear word (or like saying “Rats!”)
Karu: Strong swear word
nuken: Strong swear word (also a word for having sex)
nads: Male sex organ

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