The setting

This story takes place on the planet Mulderon. There are two sapient species on Mulderon, the Ronen, who are humanoid and the Leonite who are partially human and partially cat-like. They are covered in yellow fur, have retractable claws on fingers that are longer then paws, but shorter than human fingers. Walk like humans but have cat-like agility, are smaller in size then Ronen but much stronger, can run faster and jump higher, have pointed ears on top of their heads that they can turn like a cat with very sensitive hearing. Eyesight is like a cat’s and sense of smell is also very sensitive. Faces are not as round as a cat, they have whiskers like cats. They also have tails. Ronen and Leonite are able to breed, but most pregnancies are not carried to term. The reason is unknown.

The planet has four large landmasses, each is ruled by a separate monarchy. The landmass that this story takes place on is Përmtur, the capital city is Dirdam. It also has a small island state, Përkorë, its capital city is Avilo, ruled over by the monarchy. The royal family is Ronen. The oldest child, regardless of gender, in the family is the heir to the throne. The current family has a mother and father, they have 2 daughters and 1 son, the oldest daughter has been exiled for an unknown reason making the second oldest daughter the heir. Children born into the royal family have the crest tattooed on their bodies. Girls behind the right ear on the neck, boys on the right bicep. When a family member is exiled, the tattoo is outlined in red. The oldest also has the inside of their ear pierced and a ring with a purple gemstone is inserted.

The Royal family uses decoys, an orphan child of the same size as the heir, surgically altered to be an exact duplicate. The decoy is treated as a member of the royal family. The practice was started when kidnapping of the royal heirs was prevalent. On the tattoo on the decoy, the date they became a member of the royal family is tattooed in invisible ink.

The people have the capacity for space travel, their fleet is referred to as the Royal Eskardian, despite this seemingly advanced culture relies on animals for transportation on the land, and boats to cross the water. While on the ships there are devises to prepare food, such things are unheard of on the planet.

The animals used for transportation fall into two types. 4 legged animals like horses and winged animals with small wings and strong legs. Vingarts and Potfins are the winged creatures. A vingart is large and able to carry an average size adult, a potfin is smaller and only able to carry very small adults or children. Vingarts and Potfins get along with Leonites like birds get along with cats.

A Tarnick is like a horse, a very large horse, even so they are extremely fast and almost silent when moving. Pailkits are smaller and usually used as a beast of burden (think donkey). They are able to keep up with a tarnick, people who see them moving at full speed say they appear to be moving without their hooves touching the ground. Their large ears give them extremely enhanced hearing. Both animals are docile, loyal and able to be trained.

There are no wars currently going on, but there is crime. Përkorë and Përmtur have police and prisons, (I haven’t thought of names for these yet). In addition there is a Royal Trapron charged with protecting the royalty. In addition each member of the royal family has a personal bodyguard. The Royal Trapron reports to the Captain of the Trapron, who in turn reports to the King’s (or Queen if there is no King) bodyguard.

On Përmtur, Leonite and Ronen mix freely, on Përkorë there is unrest between the species. Leonites are generally viewed with distrust and Leonite are usually arrested whenever a crime occurs even though the criminal underworld is mainly Ronen.

Chapter 1

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